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Buy Facebook Votes | Win Online Poll Contest

Facebook is in the top 5 most visited sites in the world. The audience of this social network exceeds 2 billion users. Now it is not just a means of communication, but also an effective marketing tool used by business representatives, media representatives, political parties and social movements.

Page popularity is usually measured by the number of likes and activity of subscribers. The more of them the more effectively attracts attention to the advertised product. And the more attention – the more activity and likes. This principle attracts new customers, investors and advertisers. However, when buying votes on Facebook, important rules must be followed:

    • — Using various User-Agent. It is intended so that the web-server can determine using which browser the user has accessed the page. It will be very suspicious for the organizers of the voting if the 1,562 people who voted entered through the same browser.
    • — You need to know a concept such as REFERER – because many administrators keep track of where the votes came from and what these “users” look like.
    • — Buying proxies – you need to emulate the entry of people from different computers.

Currently, sites can define such a parameter as monitor resolution. It turns out if you have all the votes happen from a repeating size – this is one of the criteria by which the admin can ban you in a poll.

Major reasons buy Facebook votes

But the major reason to buy votes are:

  • — the passion to win;
  • — the desire to own an expensive prize;
  • — wish of fame.

If you need to win in some social media contest you have to be ready to pay for it! If you don’t have a million followers, a big family with hundreds of relatives or several thousands of friends, the only way to win is to buy likes.

There are dozens of bulk votes services. But it’s hard to buy reliable, effective and safe ones. Facebook doesn’t play jokes with everyone who’s using black methods. The voting service has to arrange everything very delicate way to make a view that votes come naturally.

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