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Buy Telegram Group Members | Buy Real Telegram Members

Buy Telegram Members

All of our members are real accounts and will add in safe mode so don’t worry that your channel or group got banned or blocked by users. Offline members are inactive and won’t report your channel and online members are active and will join at their discretion. We have many databases for add fake members and if you lose members after buying a package should contact us and we will cover that. now you can buy Telegram members with PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Skrill, Neteller, and Mastercard. If your country hasn’t these payment methods don’t worry I can introduce some websites to buy PayPal and Bitcoin. Before Buying Telegram members I suggest you try 100 free members (demo). In our job, trust is the first word.

Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

Fake Telegram subscribers mean subscribers who are not real accounts and will add by bot not human. this plan is so cheap and not useful for Telegram business channels and groups. because they will leave and disappear after some days. I do not suggest buying fake Telegram members at a cheap price instead of that you can buy offline Telegram subscribers (permanent and secure). the decreasing rate of fake Telegram members is too high between 50% to 75%. And this is because Telegram deletes off-line and inactive(fake) members once in a while. but the drop rate for offline members (real account = last seen a long time ago) is between 5% to 15% that is a great rate.

Buy Telegram Targeted Channel Members

This package is real random subscribers from Iran, India, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and middle east countries. because Telegram is most popular in the middle east and if you are from Europe and the USA should tell me before buy real Telegram members or can explain that in the description of online purchase. online and active members will see your content as normal members and it’s the best way to increase subscribers naturally.

To increase targeted Telegram Members has introduced you to a few amazing promotion services plans to make the process easy for the clients. for more information contact me and explain your issue, I’ll help you to boost your channel so easy. this package is good for ICO, Crypto, and other business. Targeted subscribers are one of the best and safest methods for increasing and improving the online shop. This method can bring you the customer and interested people that you need for your business. that’s a real revolution!

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